Britney Spears declared that dating is hard

Britney Spears declared that dating is hard
Credit: Britney Spears declared that dating is hard

On a British chat show, Britney Spears dismissed dating as being a silly occupation, all about games. The singer, aged 34, talked about her love life on The Jonathan Ross Show. The interview aired on Saturday, according to an article published by the People magazine.

She said that a lot of men are only about games. Moreover, she thinks that it's too much for her all the calling back and the texting, labeling this activity as being silly. The pop star has two sons, Sean Preston, aged 11, and Jayden James, aged 10. They both are with her ex-husband Kevin Federline.

She added that, given her frame, dating can prove to be a real challenge for her. She says that back home she has a friend that randomly sets her up with people from time to time. However, according to her declarations, it's awkward because there are many times when she has to go out with people and it doesn't feel right for her. She concluded that it's really hard to meet other people and to date.

Paradoxically, her requests are not that high: she just wants somebody who is a nice person, a nice guy that is "groundbreaking". At the same time, the Toxic singer declared that she is perfectly happy with being single too and that she doesn't necessarily need a partner.

Her appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show will be broadcast on Saturday on ITV. While she was in London, she declared that she is completely in love with British people. She even spotted a hot rider in the traffic in a playful video she posted on Instagram last Thursday. The star attempted to reproduce a British accent, telling her fans that she has a crush in London and that he's "very hot".

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