Britney Spears Calls Herself Queen B And Beyonce’s Beyhive Is Not Happy!

Britney Spears Calls Herself Queen B And Beyonce’s Beyhive Is Not Happy!
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Britney Spears called herself Queen B and, as you can imagine, Beyonce’s very passionate fans were not too happy about it! The latter artist is known for that nickname so she should perhaps have expected the backlash!

Sure enough, it did not take the Beyhive long at all to flood her comment section.

It sounds like Britney was simply not aware that Beyonce has been known as Queen B for years so she made the mistake of using that nickname to refer to herself.

The pop star wrote: ‘To all my fans who call me Queen B….I believe this would be more accurate!!!!!’

She was referring to the drawing she included that featured a regal looking bee.

Indeed, many of her followers call Britney Queen on social media and since her name starts with a B as well, she simply thought Queen B was up for grabs without realizing that it’s already taken by another superstar.

The drawing of the bee that had silver wings, diamonds as stripes and a crown was really cool and pretty but even Britney’s own fans informed her the name belongs to Beyonce along with the Beyhive that stopped by to react to the post.

Here are a few of the comments under the post: ‘omg beyoncé is the queen b.’ / ‘Beyonce is Queen B, don’t get it twisted Brit.’ / ‘Beyoncé fans not gonna like this.’ / ‘Oh lord baby girl we can’t take the Hive.’ / ‘Shots fired beyhive.’ / ‘Nooooo Beyoncé’s fans are going to come after her! Please be nice Hive.’

Of course, there were still some fans who were brave enough to take on the Beyhive, defending Britney’s Queen B title.

Someone wrote: ‘Beyoncé who? U’re the real queen,’ while another reminded Brit that ‘You are Queen Britney for sure, but the Queen B title's for someone else. You’re amazing.’

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