Britney Spears Calls For 'Redistribution Of Wealth' On Her Social Media Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Britney Spears Calls For 'Redistribution Of Wealth' On Her Social Media Amid Coronavirus Outbreak
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On her social media account, Britney Spears called for the "redistribution of wealth" - probably enforced by government - and also demanded workers to support each other during the pandemic crisis which has brought the entire world to an economic halt.

Page Six reported on the pop star's Instagram post in which she shared the writings of Mimi Zhu. The post read: "We will feed each other, re-distribute wealth, strike," among other communist-sounding declarations and creeds.

You can check out the post from the $58 million-dollar singer below:

Additionally, Spears shared a graphic along with the words, "Communion moves beyond walls," and also added a few emojis and the symbol associated with the Democratic Socialists of America. In response, the organization said in the comment section, "It's Britney, comrade!"

The reaction from fans was mixed, with many people hailing her supposed dedication to the redistribution of wealth around the United States, while others insinuating she's a mere "champagne socialist." Regardless, Britney doesn't actually control her estate.

Jamie Spears, her father, has controlled the star's fortune now since 2008 but has continued working and touring, including her Las Vegas residency that was ultimately canceled. TMZ reported, however, that she may have had to shut it down on account of low ticket sales.

Her official statement claimed she had to cancel the residency on account of her father's poor health. As it was noted above, not everybody was convinced by her declaration of equality, both morally and financially, including one user who stated, "let me know when you're ready to re-distribute that wealth of yours."

Fans of Britney know she has come upon hard times repeatedly in the last decade, including her public breakdown which led to her father's conservatorship. Britney referenced this calamity, stating that while she didn't have all the answers, she knew how to stay strong during tough times.

Earlier this week, Britney also stood up to people on social media who were making fun of her appearence, including her bikini photos. The star urged for commenters to stop being mean to each other on social sharing platforms especially during times such as these.

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