Britney Spears' Ailing Dad Jamie Admits His Relationship With His Daughter Is 'Strained'

Britney Spears' Ailing Dad Jamie Admits His Relationship With His Daughter Is 'Strained'
Credit: Source: Radar Online

During the recent restraining order hearing involving Britney Spears and her former manager Sam Lufti , the singer’s dad, Jamie Spears, admitted that his relationship with Britney is “strained” during his testimony. The stunning admission came after cryptic text messages between Lufti and James Watson - Britney’s brother-in-law - came to light during the proceedings.

According to Radar Online , Lufti told Watson in the texts that they should team up and get rid of Jamie as Britney’s conservator, which he has been for more than a decade. Lufti also allegedly offered to advance Watson $10,000 to make it clear that he was serious. During his testimony, Jamie said Lufti had been asking Watson about the possibility of making Britney’s mom, Lynne, the conservator.

“She (Lynne) and you would be invincible,” Lufti allegedly texted to Watson.

When Lufti’s attorney, Marc Gans, asked Jamie how he knew it was Lufti that sent the texts, he revealed that Watson forwarded them to him. And, when Gans followed up with a question about Jamie and Britney’s relationship, he revealed that it has always been strained. However, he doesn’t want Lufti taking advantage of his daughter or hurting his family.

“Yes, I was very upset. He’s trying to disassemble my family and take down the conservatorship. He called Britney’s mother five or six times, and my son-in-law five or six times,” Jamie said.

Britney’s dad added that Lufti had attempted to contact him several times, but all he wanted was for Lufti to leave his family alone.

“He kept calling me to see if we can repair our relationship, but what Mr. Lufti was doing was not repairing. He is a predator,” said Jamie.

At the conclusion of the hearing, Judge Brenda J. Penny ordered Lufti to stay away from Britney and her family for five years. She also ordered Lufti to avoid making negative remarks about Britney and her family online. During the hearing, Britney Spears’ lawyers suggested that Lufti attempted to persuade fans to criticize Jamie and his conservatorship with the hashtag #FreeBritney.

Gans had argued that a restraining order against Lufti was a violation of his client’s first amendment right to free speech, but Penny rejected the argument, calling Lufti’s testimony evasive and Jamie’s testimony credible. After the hearing, Gans told reporters that Lufti is considering an appeal of the ruling.


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