Bristol Palin ‘Not Ready To Date’ Following Dakota Meyer Divorce - Here's Why!

Bristol Palin ‘Not Ready To Date’ Following Dakota Meyer Divorce - Here's Why!
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It turns out that in the aftermath of her breakup from Dakota Meyer, Bristol Palin is totally ‘content’ as a single woman! The newest Teen Mom cast member made it very clear that she is not looking for anyone to have a romantic relationship with for now.

The reality TV star admitted, in an interview with HollywoodLife that while divorce is sometimes 'lonely,' she is not ready to date again and her purpose has been Teen Mom which she’s totally fine with!

When asked to give her fans some advice on how to get over a split, Bristol invoked her faith, saying that people should trust God has a plan.

As for whether or not she regrets who she had kids with, Palin made it very clear that she doesn’t and gushed over how beautiful they are.

The outlet also previously reported that the celeb has been doing pretty well since the divorce.

One insider claimed that ‘Bristol felt completely disrespected and wants nothing to do with Dakota unless it involves caring for the children.’

According to the source, Bristol Palin has completely moved on from all of their past and only wishes she can focus on her young ones as well as on herself instead of what happened with her ex.

That being said, ‘She has put a lot of effort into feeling better about herself, with a healthy diet and exercise, and is in a really good place right now.’

What do you think about her decision to stay away from the dating scene at least for the time being? Do you agree or should she look for love soon instead?


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