Bristol Palin Confesses Her Life Isn't 'Perfect' Ahead Of Her Teen Mom Debut

Bristol Palin Confesses Her Life Isn't 'Perfect' Ahead Of Her Teen Mom Debut
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Bristol Palin is the newest addition to the Teen Mom cast, and she is now opening up about her personal life ahead of the new season. In a brand new teaser, Sarah Palin’s daughter is getting real.

While talking to her mother, Bristol says: ‘I was a teen mom. My life is not perfect at all.’

The ex-governor of Alaska who knows all too well what her daughter has been through agrees with a simple ‘Amen,’

But no matter the challenges, Bristol has done her best to be a great mother to her children.

‘I want to do what's best for my kids,’ she mentions in the video at some point.

As you might be aware, it was announced that she would be part of the cast this upcoming season in July.

One source told E! News at the time that Teen Mom OG stars were ‘surprised and shocked’ as they had expected fellow MTV celeb Mackenzie McKee to be the one joining.

‘I look forward to sharing my experiences and hope that I can help others on their journey,’ Bristol wrote on Instagram.

Bristol’s teen motherhood made many headlines due to the fact that it happened not too long after Sarah Palin’s run for Vice-President.

She was 18 when she welcomed baby boy Tripp Johnston.

Since then, the 27-year-old has also become the mother of two daughters – Atlee and Sailor Meyer.

Unfortunately, things did not go great with her husband Dakota Meyer who filed for divorce after two years.

Bristol got candid about the split on social media, writing: ‘I get DM's every day asking how I stay so positive through a divorce—but the truth is—that this might be one of the most difficult- faith-testing trials I have ever been through. You guys only see my highlight reel.. my proudest moments.. my beautiful kids! You do not see the struggles, the hurt, the self-doubt, the sleepless nights and the tribulations that bring me to my knees. It has been a daily struggle for me to continue to CHOOSE to take the higher road, but I know and take full reassurance that God's plan is so much greater than the life I had before.’

Don’t miss the premiere of Teen Mom OG’s new season on October, 1!


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