Brielle Biermann Shows Off Her Massive Lips In New Selfie

Brielle Biermann Shows Off Her Massive Lips In New Selfie
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Kim Zolciak’s look-alike daughter Brielle Biermann really loves her pout as big as possible and also likes showing it off on social media no matter what the haters have to say about it. This is the case this time around as well! The Don’t Be Tardy star took to her platform to put her massive lips on display.

Brielle posed glamorously while in her car, taking a selfie and sharing it with her many followers and her pout was front and center.

Of course, she had the whole package as her eyebrows were on fleek and her false eyelashes made her eyes pop as well!

Finally, she wore a lot of pink gloss, giving the illusion that her already plump lips were even bigger than they really are.

‘You feel the vibe, it’s contagious,’ she wrote in the caption.

As expected, her lookalike mother approved of her look, writing in the comment section: ‘Pretty girl.’

Brielle soon responded: ‘Got it from my mama!’

Her mother was not the only one gushing over the blonde beauty – her fans praised her looks too!

They were quick to call her things like ‘beautiful baby girl,’ ‘gorgeous,’ and even ‘perfection.’

As you may know, however, Brielle often gets criticized for her looks, haters telling her that her lips, in particular, are too much.

Last year, after tweeting about how excited she was to get her ‘duck lips plumped up some more,’ people dragged her.

Here are a few of the negative comments: ‘They’re gonna explode. Smh.’ / ‘You can’t be serious! At first I thought people should just leave you too [sic] it, but it’s just getting ridiculous now!’ / ‘Wayyyyyy too big.’

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