Brielle Biermann Shamed For Sitting On Her Stepdad's Lap In Birthday Pics And She Fires Back!

Brielle Biermann Shamed For Sitting On Her Stepdad's Lap In Birthday Pics And She Fires Back!
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Brielle Biermann made sure to wish her stepfather a happy birthday on his special day but followers focused more on the pictures she used in the post. In the snaps, the 23 year old can be seen sitting on Kroy Biermann ’s lap, her mom, Kim Zolciak also featured in one of the photos.

Seeing this, some trolls thought it was inappropriate and shamed her for sitting on the 35 year old man’s lap.

However, Brielle was quick to clap back. Check out her response!

It all started with the young woman wishing her step-dad the best on his day.

Alongside the controversial pics, she sweetly wrote: ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the most amazing father and man I will ever know. I could not imagine a life without your hardworking, selfless, loving and caring self! I am so proud of you and all you have accomplished [heart emoji] we had so much fun i forgot to post yesterday.’

Both shots posted showed the reality TV star on the man’s lap and that caused some eyebrows to rise.

Here are some of the comments she got on it: ‘Honey, No sitting in stepdaddy's lap, Don’t you know better?’ / ‘you shouldn’t be on his lap!’ / ‘Well, that’s creepy.’

But, as mentioned before, Brielle did not let the criticism go by and she actually gave a short but to the point response to the trolls.

She explained why she was on Kroy’s lap in the first place, simply stating: ‘Honestly bc i had nowhere else to sit. We were just making jokes the entire time about him being Santa. It was comedy.’

Fans of Don’t Be Tardy know that Brielle’s mom, Kim, tied the knot with Kroy back in 2011 and she refers to him as 'dad.'

After all, two years following their wedding, Kroy adopted Brielle and her sister Ariana.


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