Brielle Biermann Responds To Weight Loss Ad Backlash

Brielle Biermann Responds To Weight Loss Ad Backlash
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According to a report from Us Weekly, Ms. Brielle Biermann fought back against social media critics in response to their trashing of her choice to promote a weight loss supplement on Instagram.

The outlet reported that the drama all started when the 22-year-old posted a selfie in which she was eating an In-N-Out Burger on Wednesday, the 10th of April. The reality star joked in the caption beneath the photo, "this body doesn't maintain itself."

And one day after, the reality star posted an advertisement for a weight loss supplement and she insinuated that drinking the shake would help individuals expend calories. Holding the Boombod box, she said, "as I said, this body doesn't maintain itself."

Obtained by Us Weekly, Boombod's website claims the "vitamin blend" with "natural fibers" helps reduce appetite and is "clinically proven to aid weight loss." People online weren't the happiest with the promotion, as dietary supplements have frequently been questioned by the medical community.

Fans became even more enraged when they discovered that Ms. Brielle Biermann had supposedly been deleting comments. One commenter accused Brielle of being a coward, while improperly spelling "f*cking," as "ducking," at the same time.

Brielle notified users that she never deletes comments; she merely has some "words blocked." Brielle went on to accuse the person making a comment to be a "fake account." Brielle isn't the only social media influence to come under fire in recent months.

Jameela Jamil came after Khloe Kardashian for promoting a meal replacement shake on her Instagram, stating that Khloe was being dishonest with her marketing practices.

Jameela, who frequently criticizes others on social media for what she perceives to be as moral transgressions, accused Khloe of misleading her followers about her "probable" chef, nutritionist, personal trainer, as well as a surgeon. In response, Khloe defended herself, stating that she is more than honest with the fact she pays close attention to her diet and training regiment.

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