Brielle Biermann Jokes About '3 For 1' Cosmetic Procedure Deal And Social Media Slams Her!

Brielle Biermann Jokes About '3 For 1' Cosmetic Procedure Deal And Social Media Slams Her!
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Kim Zolciak’a daughter, Brielle Biermann got in trouble with social media users after apparently going too far when joking about plastic surgery. Referring to the fact that she, her sister, Ariana, and their mom look very much alike, Brielle said they all asked for the ‘3 in 1 special’ at the surgeon!

The cosmetic procedure accusations have been going around for a long time, but Brielle has insisted that she yet to go under the knife since she’s only gotten her lips injected.

With that in mind, she did not feel like it was such a big deal if she took the rumors and used them to laugh at herself.

The pic showed the two sisters and their mother looking like triplets with their blonde, long hair and plump lips.

In the photo’s caption, Brielle wrote: ‘We went to the plastic surgeon and asked for the 3 for 1 special💉.’

In the comments, she made sure to mention that it was just a joke and labeled herself as the ‘sarcastic QUEEN.’

Brielle put that sarcasm to good use again when one user asked her for the plastic surgeon’s phone number, and she replied with ’#God maybe u can DM.’ Savage!

Some may have laughed at the joke, but others read the caption and just went with it, one user commenting ‘Yeah…..we can see that,’ in regard to the 3 in 1 plastic surgery deal joke.

And the disses continued to pour: ‘It shows…u were so pretty before. Why.’ / ‘You should have asked for a refund.’ / ‘As a mom, and a woman.... This bothers me. Why? You are all naturally lovely. That isn’t up for debate. The issue is you all have had some work done, and who cares? It’s your life to lead, but when you deny this, it makes young girls feel like they will somehow blossom into these unattainable expectations.’


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