Brie Larson Sells Her LA Home And Suffers An Approximate $90,000 Loss

Brie Larson Sells Her LA Home And Suffers An Approximate $90,000 Loss
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According to a report from Page Six, Brie Larson recently sold her LA home this past week for a whopping $2.17 million. However, while that seems like a win, she actually sold it for less than what she purchased it for back in 2016.

Reported by RedFin, the property was initially listed for sale at $2.34 million, however, in the last few months, it dropped down to $2.17 million. Brie purchased the home for $2.25 million, meaning, Brie sold the house and lost approximately $90,000 on the home.

The records obtained by the organization show that Brie bought the house three years ago for $2.25 million. Page Six claims the house, constructed in 1952, has three bedrooms and three bathrooms and also has floor-to-ceiling windows which provide natural light to an open-concept design.

This just a hiccup in an otherwise fruitful career for the Avengers mega-star.

As fans of the actress know, she won an Academy Award back in 2015 for her role in Room. The actress, 29, recently secured the role as Captain Marvel and also in Avengers: Endgame , as Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel.

In addition to making waves as an actress, Brie Larson was praised by multiple outlets for her acoustic cover of Ariana Grande's song, "God Is A Woman." In the caption of the video, Larson wrote that she was a big fan of Ariana, stating, "Ariana forever."

In the past, Larson has proclaimed her appreciation for the 25-year-old pop star, appearing on James Corden's Carpool Karaoke with Samuel L. Jackson.

Despite the fact Brie became a star in the movie business, she also has taken a few steps into the music industry. Back in 2005, Brie released a record called, Finally Out Of PE, and also published a single called, "She Said."

The star is apparently friends with some of the members of the band, Heart. Brie hasn't been without her controversies, however, especially after she was cast as Captain Marvel, which some fans thought was a cheesy gimmick motivated by Hollywood's supposed devotion to "political correctness."

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