Brie Bella Says That Writing About Her High School Boyfriend Dying At 18 In Her Memoir Was ‘Hard,’ But ‘Therapeutic’

Brie Bella Says That Writing About Her High School Boyfriend Dying At 18 In Her Memoir Was ‘Hard,’ But ‘Therapeutic’
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As fans may know, Brie Bella opened up about her high school boyfriend passing away at the time and it’s safe to say that it was really emotional for her to recall the tragic loss. However, at the same time, writing about it in her and sister Nikki’s tell-all, Incomparable, also felt ‘therapeutic!’

This is what the Bella twin shared during an interview with HollywoodLife.

Back in high school, years before she met her husband, Bryan Danielson, Brie was in love with a boy by the name of ‘Bear.’

Tragically enough, Bear passed away at the age of just 18 and Brie was understandably devastated.

Brie detailed what she went through in the aftermath in the memoir, even though reliving those memories was really painful for her.

Now, while chatting with HollywoodLife, she revealed that ‘I definitely found it therapeutic. But it was very hard to relive at my age and think of myself in high school and he was my first love. We were really in love and we had all of these plans, like what we were going to do out of high school. I thought of myself while at a young age, just going through that, and it made me really sad when I had to retell the story. I have had so much spiritual growth since then.

‘So that helps me. But it was weird to talk about myself at 18 and everything I felt then. I felt my world collapse on my shoulders, but I love that the world gets to read about Bear. He was a special human and it almost makes me proud people now know him and know how incredible he was,’ Brie went on to tell the news outlet.

She mentioned that recalling their childhood while writing about that period in their lives was very hard for both she and Nikki!

Fans know that their parents divorced when they were already teens.

However, before that, there were many years during which the girls had so witness the tension and fights between them.

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