Brie Bella Reveals That She Was In A Dark Place After Giving Birth To Her Daughter

Brie Bella Reveals That She Was In A Dark Place After Giving Birth To Her Daughter
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Brie Bella is getting candid on her Bellas podcast. The mom opened up about how having a baby affected her in more than one way.

If you're unfamiliar with the reality star, she was a wrestler for over a decade for the WWE. Brie and her sister Nikki were arguably the most famous divas in WWE history and were one of the key elements of the women's revolution.

Before Brie could enjoy the fruits of her labor which led to the female wrestlers getting longer matches and their own main events, she became pregnant with her beautiful daughter.

She explained how bummed she felt from the situation.

'I was a professional wrestler before Birdie. We had a really big career. The hardest thing for me was kind of when Birdie was born was kind of being like, 'Ok, I'm a mom now,' but I didn't want to lose the old Brie and I really did lose my identity. I've worked over a decade and I worked so hard for that. I wanted to be part of that. All of a sudden, it was like the day I got pregnant, it was like all of sudden the women were starting to make history. They were giving them longer matches. They were doing bigger things and I just remember feeling so bad.'

Unfortunately, when the Bella returned to the ring -- things weren't much better. On the series Total Bellas, Brie dealt with bullying from viewers who criticized everything from her appearance to her performance .

She opened up about how she struggled with that too: 'I really had a hard time with my identity. I ended up making a comeback because I missed the old Brie and I failed so bad at it in front of the world.'

The twin dealt with being in a dark place by seeking therapy and she encourages anyone who is dealing with depression to do the same thing.

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