Brie Bella And Her Husband Bring Their Second Baby Into The World

Brie Bella And Her Husband Bring Their Second Baby Into The World
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Brie Bella and her man, Daniel Bryan, just had their second baby yesterday, on the 1st of August. In her social media post, she wrote, "it's a boy!" The reality star shared that she and her husband were "overwhelmed" with happiness.

Fans of Bella will remember back in January when she announced she was pregnant with her second child. This came around the same time as Nikki Bella's revelation that she was also pregnant. Social media users were ecstatic at the news.

She wrote on her account that she "never thought in a million years" she and her sister would be expecting at the same time.  In May of 2017, Brie and her 39-year-old husband, Bryan , revealed they gave birth to Birdie, their 3-year-old.

According to Us Magazine, the couple got married back in 2014 but they found it challenging to give Birdie another sibling. During a chat with Health Magazine in December 2019, she stated she was unable to get pregnant again.

According to Brie, she was really stressed out when she wasn't able to get pregnant. There were a few times when she had a late period, and when she got her period, there would be a lot of bleeding. She says it was almost like the universe was telling her it wasn't a "great time" to have a child.

Moreover, Brie said she had a lot of nervous feelings about having another child. At least Brie had a sister to look to for support during her most vulnerable moments. As it was just noted, Brie and Nikki revealed they had been suffering from the same ailments.

Brie said to reporters from Us Magazine back in April that she was "nauseous" during her first trimester, and her sister dealt with the same problems. She explained how she and Nikki dealt with morning sickness for much of the day. Nikki also claimed she felt exhausted all of the time and her body was going through a lot.

Fans of Nikki know she and Artem Chigmintsev got together after she split up from John Cena.

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