Briana DeJesus Addresses The Speculations That She’s Pregnant

Briana DeJesus Addresses The Speculations That She’s Pregnant

Rumors have been going around that Briana DeJesus is expecting another baby but according to the Teen Mom star, that is not the case at all! The star may have a new man in her life but that does not mean she is ready to have a new child as well!

As fans know, the 24 year old is a mother of two already and it sounds like that is a good number for now!

That being said, the woman decided to put the speculations that she has a new bundle of joy on its way to rest.

Briana took to her Instagram account to address the rumors in a pretty interesting way.

The Teen Mom star shared an ad promoting a tea pregnant women should not drink.

‘Been keeping up with my flattummyco meal replacement plan and starting to see real tummy progress. Check it out asap,’ she wrote, causing a cofused follower to comment: ‘I thought that she was with child.’

Her response was simple and straight to the point: ‘I am not pregnant!’

The pregnancy rumors have been going around for months so it is great to finally get a clear answer from Briana.

In October, one fan commented that she would get ‘knocked up’ upon making her new relationship Instagram official.

‘I will make sure to send you the first invite to our baby shower,’ Briana wrote sarcastically, slamming the user who jumped to conclusions.

While she was clearly not serious, a lot of followers still wondered whether or not she would end up adding to the family after starting the new relationship.

As you know, Briana DeJesus already has two adorable daughters – 7 year old Nova Star and 1 year old Stella Star!

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