Brian Austin Green Says Megan Fox Has Helped Him Find 'Self-Worth!'

Brian Austin Green Says Megan Fox Has Helped Him Find 'Self-Worth!'
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During a recently published interview, Brian Austin Green opened up about his marriage with Megan Fox and spoke very highly of her and their parenting! Here's what he had to say!

As you know, the actress just filed for divorce not too long ago, but they have been separated for a while!

Regardless of that, Brian had nothing but great things to say about her and about their co-parenting, going as far as to say that she helped him with his sense of self-worth!

While on the Ever After with Jaleel White podcast, the star explained how his ex-wife and their three kids have contributed to his healthy navigation of the tricky world of Hollywood.

In the interview that US Weekly mentions was actually recorded before the pandemic, he dished that: 'I do not get my sense of self worth from work. I do not get it from being on set. I do not get it from those people. I get it when I get home and see my wife and see my kids. That lives forever on film, but that is just one aspect [of my life]. That is not me. That is what I did. That was my job.'

In other words, Brian does not get his sense of self worth from his career but, in his mind, what really measures his success is his family life.

Brian also went on to talk positively about the way he and his now-former wife, Megan Fox have raised their three sons together.

He dished that 'My wife and I, we got really good at man-to-man. Then you have 3 and all of a sudden you have to play zone. 'OK, I'll cover half of the room, you cover that half. Then if a kid steps in our zone, then we've got it covered.'

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