Brian Austin Green Reunites With Son On BH90210 Set Months After Vanessa Marcil Blast Him For Custody Drama

Brian Austin Green Reunites With Son On BH90210 Set Months After Vanessa Marcil Blast Him For Custody Drama
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Brian Austin Green reunited with his estranged son, Kassius Marcil-Green on the set of BH90210. The shocking father and son reunion occurred months after Vanessa Marcil, Kassius' mom, blasted Green on social media for cutting the teenager out of his life .

Kassius shared several photos and videos from his set visit via Instagram Stories. He was just as amazed and confused at the new show, as fans have been since it was announced.

"First day on the set of the 90210 'reboot' and I'm confused in an amazing way," the teenager said in a selfie of him covering his mouth.

He followed that one up with a snap of himself observing a shoot. The young man also shared a video for followers, letting them know where he was at.

"I'm visiting my dad in Vancouver on the set of 90210. We're going to be staying here for a bit. I'm here for a week. I think we're, like, staying somewhere near downtown. So if for any reason any of y' all who are out here or live here happen to see me, please say something. I would love to meet y' all. So please, if you happen to see me, don't get scared and not say anything. Please. I want to meet y' all if I can," he stated.

Shannen Doherty also got in on the action of letting her followers know Kassius was visiting his dad. She posted an Instagram story of him interacting with Green and Ian Ziering with the caption "Family day on set!!!"

The father and son set visit happened months after Marcil slammed Green on social media for cutting out their son. She insisted years ago Green and his wife, Megan Fox, tried to get full custody of Kassius.

A heated custody battle followed, eventually leading to the young man not being welcomed in Green and Fox's home, according to the General Hospital actress. Marcil also stated it had been years since Kassius saw his father, as well as that he did not have a relationship with his three half-brothers.

Despite all the drama, Vanessa Marcil could not be more thrilled Kassius, and Brian Austin Green have reunited. She also shared her son's social media posts with her followers, expressing the joy she feels for her son.

Green never responded to Marcil's accusations. The actor asking his teenage son to come visit him on set though appears to be a step in the right direction for mending the broken relationship.


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