Brian Austin Green Reportedly Still ‘Struggling’ To Cope With His And Megan Fox's Marriage Being Over

Brian Austin Green Reportedly Still ‘Struggling’ To Cope With His And Megan Fox's Marriage Being Over
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It’s been a month or so since Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green put an end to their longtime marriage but insider reports claim that the man is still struggling to get over her even though ‘he’s doing his best!’ Sure enough, he’s definitely been trying!

After all, the actor has been seen in the company of both model Tina Louise and reality star Courtney Stodden but one insider report claims to know that life without Magan in it is still very much hard to imagine.

One source tells HollywoodLife that the man has been struggling to cope with their relationship being over, just like that, after a decade of being married.

‘Megan was always Brian’s dream girl. He has always been open about it. He had a crush on her before meeting her and would always tell friends he had to meet her — so the split's been very hard on him. Getting over Megan and the marriage has been very, very difficult and he is struggling with it all. This breakup's rocked him big time and he is doing his best,’ they dished.

The insider went on to explain that ‘He’s never been in love with anybody like he has Megan, and he truly feels like she really was the love of his life. Friends think he is still holding out a little hope she will come back again, because she has many times before. But, everybody close to them thinks that this is done for good. He is having trouble seeing himself with anyone else like he did with her. He is just trying to focus on his kids and work.’

In other words, finding love again with someone else is not his main priority at this time.

This comes as the actress has been making many headlines for openly seeing none other than Machine Gun Kelly !

About this, they noted that ‘Seeing her with another man has been tough. He cannot wait until this pandemic ends and he can get back to filming. It’s what makes him happiest.’

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