Brian Austin Green Opens Up About His Healthy Marriage With Megan Fox - What Is Their Secret?

Brian Austin Green Opens Up About His Healthy Marriage With Megan Fox - What Is Their Secret?
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Megan Fox’s husband, Brian Austin Green, revealed some details about their marriage and how they remain happy together and in love no matter what life may be throwing their way. Here’s what he had to say during his chat with HollywoodLife!

There is no secret that Brian and Megan are one of the strongest and sweetest couples in the industry!

That being said, what is their secret for a happy and healthy married life?

While promoting the #Fight4TheAmazon campaign he and Megan are both part of, the actor could not help but open up about their relationship as well.

The two tied the knot almost a decade ago and they are still going strong.

Therefore, he dished to HollywoodLife that ‘Our marriage is really normal at home. You know, we have 3 kids. Everything's relative, so it is like our home might be bigger than some, not as big as others, but it is all relative within our space, our means and what we have. But we discuss everything and try and be as open and transparent as possible with one another. The more that we talk about things and through things, the more that we understand each other.’

He went on to also explain that ‘we’ve really come to appreciate the differences in each other. And I think for us it was important. I don’t want to speak for anyone else, but for us it was very important because you go through that space in that time when you have differences with your partner and you know, at home it becomes a little contentious seed that is planted.’

Furthermore, he told the news outlet that it’s really important to recognize the partners’ weaknesses as well as strengths and accept them in order to have a healthy relationship.

Accepting that one may be better at some things than the other leads to them working as a team by completing what the other lacks, the actor went on to explain.

It may be difficult to do since people are usually pretty competitive but it's obviously worth it in the end!

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