Breonna Taylor Case: Officer Involved Speaks For The First Time

Breonna Taylor Case: Officer Involved Speaks For The First Time
Credit: AP News

The case of Breonna Taylor triggered massive movements in the US and not only. Now, it's been revealed that an officer who was involved in the tragic case of the killing of Breonna has his first interview.

The Shade Room revealed more details about the whole situation.

TSR mentioned that Jonathan Mattingly is one of the officers involved in the shooting. The man was also shot, and he recently sat down for an exclusive interview with ABCNews.

As quoted by TSR, Mattingly told 'Good Morning America' co-anchor Michael Strahan that he felt extremely frustrated during all these months of protests.

'There was so much misinformation out, all these false narratives,' said Mattingly.

It's important to note the fact that this is the officer who fired his weapon six times the night Breonna Taylor died from multiple gunshot wounds back in March of this year.

He continued and said: 'This is not relatable to George Floyd. It's nothing like it. This is not Ahmaud Arbery; it's nothing like it. It's not a race thing like people wanna try to make it to be. ... This is the point where we're doing our job; we return fire. This is not us hunting somebody down, not kneeling on a neck. This is nothing like that.'

As expected, the man did not find too much understanding among the reader of The Shade Room's post.

Someone said: 'As a black person I couldn’t sit down with him without attacking him,' and one other follower posted this: '"I let a colored interview me. I can't be racist." 🙄'

Another commenter posted this: 'WOW. PURE ignorance is BEYOND ME. They are really committed to being oblivious/not understanding and, most of all, not even caring! The cover-ups def scream that it was a RACE THING TF.'

One follower said this: '1. Why are they interviewing him 2. He is getting paid but killed someone who was innocent 3. This black man is really interviewing him 🤦🏻‍♀️.'

What do you think about the interview so far?

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