Breaking News: David Adefeso Reportedly Files Restraining Order Against Tamar Braxton Following Domestic Violence!

Breaking News: David Adefeso Reportedly Files Restraining Order Against Tamar Braxton Following Domestic Violence!
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While people believed that Tamar Braxton is slowly but surely recovering following the recent suicide attempt and David Adefeso is by her side, it seems that things are not going quite great. The Shade Room just dropped some unbelievable news.

Check out the latest details about the matter here.

TSR quotes details from TMZ and notes the following: 'asked the court today for an order of protection against Tamar in what he reportedly describes as a domestic violence situation.'

It's been also revealed that 'David filed a restraining order today in Los Angeles seeking to prevent domestic violence but details remain unclear. It’s also unclear what he’s alleging she might have done.'

It's been reported that 'The court has yet to approve his request and Tamar has not publicly spoken on the matter.'

A follower said: 'Though I love her, she was way to aggressive with him,' and someone else posted this: 'Well that escalated quickly.'

Another follower wrote, 'them damn pisces women be dangerous!' and someone else posted this message: 'I believe it us Pisces are violent cause I know I am.'

Another commenter posted this message: 'She is a Pisces right? They a different type of violent 😭'

About a week ago, it's been revealed that things were going fine.

Moms need more than Mother’s Day to have a day of relaxation. Which is why  David Adefeso  took it upon himself to take  Tamar Braxton’s   son to the beach.

In a video that shows  David , Logan, and David’s mom walking on the beach, the businessman captioned his clip: ‘A day at the beach Sometimes mom needs a day off to herself to do whatever moms do whenever they have a day off to themselves! So me, Beans and Bonus Grandma aka Sonic-Mom hit Zuma Beach to have some fun.’

Stay tuned for more details.

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  • GiGi
    GiGi Sep 9, 2020 12:20 PM PDT

    Why would Tamar need to be tame? even if she is broke it is fine she is loved bye 4 beautiful sisters and brother and mom and dad who knows she is only who she is Tamar and believe it or not we need more people in this world to stay true to themselves and my only thought is it always 2 sides to a Story so people let it be and remember Love is patient

  • Gloria
    Gloria Sep 8, 2020 9:19 PM PDT

    1. Saw this coming from Day 1 because an educated naive & nerdy Nigerian Brother is the only man crazy enough to get entangled with a Crazy Damaged Ghetto Drama Queen! 2. They come from 2 completely different worlds culturally, intellectually, & economically! 3. David’s a frugal millionaire & Tamar’s broke but living large! 4. Nigerian men are controlling by nature & Tamar cannot be tamed! AND HERE YOU HAVE IT & I KNEW THIS WOULD END BADLY

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