Breaking: LVMH To Shut Down Rihanna's Fenty Fashion House

Breaking: LVMH To Shut Down Rihanna's Fenty Fashion House
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Rihanna 's fans are definitely going to get mad when they hear this one! The Shade Room dropped the news, and you can check out the complete available details below.

TSR writes that the fashion world is currently trying to process the news surrounding Rihanna and her Fenty fashion house.

'According to recent reports, LVMH just announced that is has decided to officially shut down Rihanna’s Fenty fashion line after less than two years,' TSR notes.

They are citing BOF's reports and noted that 'after launching back in the fall of 2019, LVMH and Rihanna have agreed to cease operations of her Paris-based fashion line Fenty. Fenty was the first fashion house LVMH started from scratch since 1987.'

This was created to match RiRi's massive success of the Fenty line and the fashion house unfortunately never managed to get the same popularity.

'Sensing the prices could be an issue, Rihanna reportedly expressed concern that the label’s high prices could alienate her sprawling fan base. In response, LVMH agreed to sell items at a lower price but that didn’t appear to help,' TSR notes.

The project was not able to take off in the first year and the brand switched up its design team and got a new managing director Bastien Renard, who joined in fall 2020.

'Reports state that the restructuring of the fashion brand didn’t create the financial success they were hoping for—especially in comparison to Rihanna’s incredibly successful Savage X Fenty,' TSr notes.

A follower said: 'She’ll be alright. She still got Fenty Beauty & Savage. Most high-end fashion lines don’t make it simply because they’re unaffordable.'

Someone else posted this: 'Savage X has the potential to become the biggest lingerie brand in the world, so LVMH & Rihanna decided to put more focus and funds into it by putting it in stores and putting a pause on Fenty. This shouldn’t be that hard to understand.'

One other follower said: 'I don’t know anyone who has worn those clothes beside the influencers that were sent them for free.'

Someone else said: 'Y’all are complaining about the stuff being too expensive but will run and buy Gucci Prada etc ... make it make sense.'

What do you think about all this?

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