Braxton Family Values Extended Trailer Released: Fans Want The Family To Heal In Private

Braxton Family Values Extended Trailer Released: Fans Want The Family To Heal In Private
Credit: Source: WE TV

The new season of Braxton Family Values was up in the air. When they started taping the next installment, they were later hit by Coronavirus limitations. Now, the show is ready to be released.

What the family did not expect was Tamar Braxton's mental health crisis that was allegedly caused by years of being in the spotlight and being under contract with WE TV -- among other things.

When Tamar saw that her sisters were speaking about her trials and tribulations although she's no longer part of the cast -- she lashed out. The sisters have responded by saying that they only spoke about how they felt when they found out about the news that she tried to take her life -- not about Tamar's personal struggle.

Recently, the network released an extended look at the show and fans left comments that expressed they think it's time for the sisters to take a break or end the series.

On the BFV Facebook page, one commenter wrote: 'Tamar is not happy with this being discussed on the show. She expressed her felling on the Tamron Hall-show. I pray their family gets the healing they need.'

Another added: 'I love this show and it has brought so much laughter and tears over the years. I'm sure this is the last season, but I swear if all the drama is nothing but sister on sister fighting again like the last 2 seasons I will not be tuning in anymore.'

This person said: 'They need to all get out of the media and heal. Why are they all dolled up talking to the media and their sister and daughter just tried to commit suicide. I would be someplace with her praying and trying to bring the family together . I would be in therapy and doing everything I could to make everything right period but no they are in front of the camera still all dolled up. I get the impression that they don't even care.'

While this fan wrote: 'They worry about the show and image more than they do their own blood! Tamar got some junk with her but they all do! Tamar has always shown her hand the others ones are so phony!! When Toni has an episode from her illness they shut everything down but they treat Tamar differently! This is a shame and I won’t be watching! They need prayer and counseling.'


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