Bravo Reportedly Pulled Out Of Filming Cynthia Bailey's Wedding - Here's The Reason

Bravo Reportedly Pulled Out Of Filming Cynthia Bailey's Wedding - Here's The Reason
Credit: BET

It's been revealed that Bravo TV was supposed to film Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill 's wedding, but a reason made the team reconsider. Check out the available details as they are presented by The Shade Room.

The couple received backlash for organizing such a big wedding in the middle of a pandemic.

TSR quotes info from TMZ and notes that they spoke with production sources at the network. It's been reported that 'a camera crew from Bravo was set to be on location for Cynthia's wedding, which quickly changed when the location of the event changed.'

'The wedding was reportedly set to take place outdoor, and was moved to an indoor venue because of Hurricane Delta,' TSR also noted.

This is what made Bravo change its mind - the network decided that it was not appropriate nor safe to film in a closed space.

Someone said: 'Good!!! I’m so happy they didn’t get any of it! Cynthia is too damn old to be this damn selfish.'

One other follower said: 'Glad Bravo were looking out for their crew and others. Cynthia & Mike could’ve put the wedding on hold until COVID-19 is under control.'

Another follower said: 'Happy that production prioritize the safety of the crew,' and someone else posted this: 'I mean we already saw her get married to Peter. It’s not necessary that we see it each time.'

Someone else posted: 'When I looked at the pics I didn't see enough masks being worn for my level of comfort.'

A commenter said: 'she has enough money to hire her own videographer without having to put anyone at risk, but the bigger question is why not just wait...

One other follower posted this: 'I didn’t see anybody without it actually, so I’m surprised. People either had on a mask or faceguard.'


In other news, Cynthia Bailey has been flooding her social media account with all kinds of pics and clips from her and Mike Hill’s wedding. She also shared a photo of her mom!


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