Brandy Opens Up About Those Longtime Feud Rumors With Monica!

Brandy Opens Up About Those Longtime Feud Rumors With Monica!
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No less than two decades after Brandy released the ‘biggest song’ of her whole music career, she is opening up about her supposed drama with Monica . As you might know, Brandy collabed with Monica on this track.

As her new album and first in no less than 8 years is right around the corner, Brandy chatted with Zane Lowe on Apple Music about it and more!

While running through her At Home music playlist, the star could not help but reminisce about The Boy Is Mine, a hit song with which she won a Grammy!

But there are not just positive memories linked to that title!

Brandy recalled how that 1998 song sparked rumors that she had a rivalry with her collaborator, Monica.

This is not the first time the two singers are addressing the speculations.

In reality, they both have denied their beef before but for some reason, the rumors are here to stay!

There have even been speculations that it was so bad that during Brandy and Monica’s rehearsals for their 1998 MTV Video Music Awards performance, their arguments escalated to a fistfight!

Still, when discussing that song, Brandy talked about it fondly.

She raved: ‘Oh my God, that is the biggest song of my career. What an amazing record. I think that the first time I heard it with Rodney Jerkins, I could not believe to hear the instruments he used in that song. I was just blown away by it. I knew that with the topic of the song, it needed Monica on it too. I thought she just brought such an amazing flavor and amazing swag to the song and every time that I hear it, it still sounds fresh and new to this day.’

But what about the feud with Monica?

Addressing the rumors again, Brandy dished that ‘I think, especially when you say Monica and I, that song was about a boy and us competing over him. And so people are going to put us against each other even more because of this topic and what we are speaking about. So we played into the competitiveness of it.’

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