Brandy Makes Fans Happy With A Potential Comeback Announcement

Brandy Makes Fans Happy With A Potential Comeback Announcement
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Brandy 's fans got all excited following the latest piece of news that was just shared by The Shade Room. It seems that she might be getting ready for a massive comeback!

Just check out the latest reports that had everyone in awe.

It seems that during an interview to promote her new album, she officially confirmed that she is currently in discussions for a potential reboot of her iconic TV series called Moesha.

While some fans were happy to learn this, there were also a few people who said that not everything needs a remake, and the series should remain in the past.

A commenter said: 'Sound like the comeback is on!' and one other follower posted this: 'Can't Have Moesha Without Hakeem And Andele.'

A follower wrote: 'No thanks. Andele and Hakeem passed away won’t be the same,' and someone else posted this message: 'Why do you really want to reboot everything 🙄 don't you have any better ideas?'

A commenter said: 'Andele, Hakeem.. cast members on that show that made that show is no longer here good luck don’t make it cheesy...'

Someone else posted this: 'As they should be. I'll NEVER forget the last episode had us hanging.. who was prego??? Where was Miles when he got kidnapped?!'

Just the other month, Brandy made headlines again after some rumors regarding Monica became a topic once again.

No less than two decades after  Brandy  released the ‘biggest song’ of her whole music career, she is opening up about her supposed drama with  Monica . As you might know, Brandy collabed with Monica on this track.

As her new album and first in no less than 8 years is right around the corner, Brandy chatted with Zane Lowe on Apple Music about it and more.

You should definitely check out the interview to see some pretty juicy tea being spilled.

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