Brandi Redmond Checked Into Wellness Retreat After Video Of Her Mocking Asians Resurfaced

Brandi Redmond Checked Into Wellness Retreat After Video Of Her Mocking Asians Resurfaced
Credit: Source: Bravo

The Real Housewives of Dallas just wrapped its most controversial season yet. There are still lasting effects of the drama surrounding the show for the stars.

If you haven't been up to par wit the Texas star holders, Leanne Locken received backlash for her offensive statements about her co-star Kary Brittingham.

The cast, along with the viewers of the show, all gathered around to chastise Locken for her 'chirpy Mexican' (and other derogatory insults) that was seemingly halted by a resurfaced video of Brandi Redmond mocking Asian people.

Many people felt that Redmond was being a hypocrite for condemning Leanne but displaying racist behavior herself. Her original responses to the people who mentioned the clip again definitely didn't help her case.

Now, it has been revealed that Brandi has checked into a wellness retreat.

A rep for her podcast with co-star Stephanie Hollman told People Magazine that she is in a wellness center to reflect and  better herself.

'She will be back with us next week. We support her on this journey of healing and ask that join us in that,' the speaker said.

Stephanie tweeted to a fan who asked about the issue: ' Yes, she has checked in to a therapeutic healing center. I am sending her lots of love and prayers during this time of reflection and healing- I hope you can join me in that! We should all spread more love through social media #RHOD.'

This isn't the first time Stephanie defended her bestie. During a recent visit to Watch What Happens Live, Stephanie addressed Brandi's wrongdoing.

'I think she made a horrible mistake. She's apologized. She apologized then. She apologized again. She's learning, she's growing. I think it's just really poor judgment and a horrible decision. I've been on the phone with her a lot, and she's struggling with the shame of doing that, and I think she realizes it's not OK.'

Do you think Brandi made a genuine mistake?


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