Brandi Carlile Won Three Grammys — Opened Up About Coming Out As Gay During High School

Brandi Carlile Won Three Grammys — Opened Up About Coming Out As Gay During High School
Credit: Source: CBS/61st Grammy Awards

Brandi Carlile isn't new to music by any means, and though this wasn't her first time being nominated for a Grammy; it was her first time winning. Carlile was nominated a whopping six times and won three of them. These included Best Americana Album for I Forgive You,   Best American Roots Song "The Joke, " and Best American Roots Performance "The Joke." The Americana/Folk/Country singer was previously nominated in 2016, for Best Americana Roots Album with The Firewatcher's Daughter.

Though Brandi Carlile undoubtedly has her share of solid fans, it was her live music performance at the Grammy Awards that stole the show.

Her live performance of the Americana Roots song "The Joke" caused people from a variety of musical genres to stand to their feet and search for her music has been on an upward trend since Feb. 11. Thanks to the Grammys incredible performance, Brandi Carlile is becoming a crossover artist as people are connecting to her deep truths in her music's message and soulful deliveries.

But isn't that what Americana music is? Music that crosses genres to speak wisdom, truth, and reflection to the heart of the nation?

You may watch Brandi Carlile's live performance of "The Joke" at the 61st Grammys in the video player below.

When Brandi Carlile accepted her Grammy Awards, she spoke about the difficulty she endured coming out as gay. As a singer/songwriter, Brandi frequently writes, speaks, and sings about her personal experiences, difficulties, struggles, and victories in her life.

She speaks about her wife Catherine Shepherd and their daughter Evangeline frequently.

"It’s our first Grammy! This means so much to me. I never saw us standing here, but it means so much to us to be standing here for this song."

When winning Best American Roots Song for "The Joke" she spoke more in detail about coming out as gay.

"Americana music is the island of the misfit toys [and] I am such a misfit. I came out of the closet at 15 years old, when I was in high school, and I can assure you that I was never invited to any parties. I never got to attend a dance. To be embraced by this enduring and loving community has been the dance of a lifetime. Thank you for being my island."

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