Bradley Cooper's Ex-Wife Jennifer Esposito Has Hilarious Response To His Steamy Chemistry With Lady Gaga

Bradley Cooper's Ex-Wife Jennifer Esposito Has Hilarious Response To His Steamy Chemistry With Lady Gaga
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Bradley Cooper's ex-wife Jennifer Esposito has weighed in on his steamy chemistry with Lady Gaga and her response is hilarious. Their sizzling performance at the Oscars on Sunday, including a near kiss, has only heightened fans curiosity regarding what is really going on with the two close pals.

Esposito made one remark about the undeniable chemistry between her ex-husband, and his A Star Is Born costar. Actor David Spade got the conversation started on Instagram when he asked if Cooper and Lady Gaga were getting it on.

"Is there any chance these 2 aren't f-ng," wrote Spade on an Instagram post that features the much talked about Academy Awards performance.

Soon comments began flooding the post and a familiar named popped up with a response, Esposito.

"Ha," responded the actress.

A screenshot taken by CommentsByCelebs captured the exchange, which got more interesting when fans began reacting to her simple remark. One user didn't even realize that the Blue Bloods alum used to be married to the actor.

"I read on Wikipedia that you're Brad's ex-wife. Gosh I didn't even know he was married," commented @tinafeliciano85

"Yup," replied Esposito.

It has been over a decade since Cooper and Esposito ended their marriage. They were only married for four months, and since then the actor has kept pretty mum about their time together. However, the NCIS star has been more vocal. She even talked about their short-lived union in her 2014 book Jennifer's Way, where she referred to her ex-husband as a master manipulator.

"Within days, my relationship hit an all-time low, and within a week it was over. Abruptly, rudely, and with the exact callousness that I'd come to expect from him," the actress wrote.

One thing Jennifer Esposito did not expect when she left a simple remark regarding her ex-husband Bradley Cooper's steamy chemistry with Lady Gaga, was all the attention. She took to Twitter to call out the madness of her merely responding to a friend's Instagram post.

There was no shade, and she was not insulting her former spouse. Esposito was only laughing at what Spade wrote, as friends do from time to time. It looks like her one-word response has caused a crazier reaction than she intended.

Do you think Esposito was throwing shade or being insulting with her comment?


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