Bradley Cooper Tells Oprah He Was 'Embarrassed' Learning About Oscar Snub

Bradley Cooper Tells Oprah He Was 'Embarrassed' Learning About Oscar Snub
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Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga took on the roles of a lifetime when they decided to remake the classic film 'A Star is Born.' Luckily, their hard work and seemingly natural chemistry paid off and the pair is nearly sweeping award season for many categories - except 'Best Director.'

The movie that had nearly everyone who saw it singing and crying has been nominated for eight Oscars but Bradley Cooper has been snubbed by not even receiving a nod at the coveted award show.

His co-star, Lady Gaga, has already spoken out about the topic.

"Well, you know, you never know what’s going to happen. But at the end of the day, he knows that he’s the best director in my eyes, and in all of our eyes as his cast. I know that he’s so happy that we’ve all been nominated and that the film was recognized and we all feel really, really beyond elated for the recognition."

Bradley already released a statement that focused on the positive instead of the negative.

However, for an upcoming episode of 'Oprah's SuperSoul Conversations,' the actor opens up about the day he found out the bittersweet news.

He recalled that he was in a coffee shop when a friend congratulated him for the nominations but left out the bad news.

In the preview, Cooper tells Oprah: "The first thing I felt was embarrassment actually. Well, think about it. I felt embarrassed that I didn't do my part. I'll work on that. I went, 'Oh, gosh. I didn't do my job."

Oprah chimes in to say: "But, you know you did."

To which Bradley responded: "I do."

This was the actor's first time directing and it's now his fourth getting nominated for an Oscar. Not to mention that he is officially a Grammy nominee.

'Oprah's SuperSoul Conversations' will air February 16. Do you think Bradley was snubbed?

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