Bradley Cooper Says He Voted For "Lady Bird" At The Oscars

Bradley Cooper Says He Voted For "Lady Bird" At The Oscars
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One year after the film, Lady Bird, hit theaters, many of its supporters are likely no longer obsessing about it, despite the way in which the film captivated their hearts upon its release. However, one person who enjoyed it chose to honor Lady Bird in the biggest way.

During Variety's Playback podcast, the A Star Is Born director, writer, and star said he loved the movie so much that he voted for it at this year's Oscars.

According to The Hangover star, he "loves that movie," and he voted for it because of his admiration of it as a "perfect film." Bradley said it was arguably one of the best movies out there right now.

Cooper went on to praise the director, who was able to craft a production in which every frame, character, and word, was carefully constructed and turned into one of the best movies of the 21st century.

As fans of the movie know, it was easily one of the most venerated of 2017, receiving critical acclaim from nearly all Hollywood and film critics. The National Board of Review and the AFI named it as one of the top ten of the year.

It went on to two Golden Globes, one for Best Motion Picture, and Best Actress. It was also nominated for five Academy Awards including Original Screenplay, Supporting Actress, Actress, Director, and Best Picture.

Unfortunately, it didn't win any of the aforementioned Academy Awards, so it turns out that Bradley's love of it wasn't enough. When discussing other movies from Gerwig, Bradley said he couldn't wait for her rendition of Little Women which is coming out next year during Christmas time.

Surely, Bradley's film was loved by the Lady Bird director, Greta Gerwig, as A Star Is Born garnered much critical acclaim as well. Based on the 1938 classic, it was Cooper's directorial debut, starring himself, Lady Gaga, Dave Chappelle, Sam Elliot, and Andrew Dice Clay. The movie generated a lot of buzz from both Cooper and Lady Gaga fans.

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