Bradley Cooper Reveals How Fatherhood Has Irreversibly Changed Him

Bradley Cooper Reveals How Fatherhood Has Irreversibly Changed Him
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According to a report from Us Weekly, after Bradley Cooper and his girlfriend, welcomed their daughter into the world back in March 2017, he hasn't been the same person. On Thursday, the 25th of April, the father-of-one said to the host of The Ellen DeGeneres Show that fatherhood changed him for the better.

While the A Star Is Born alum doesn't normally like to talk about his daughter in public, especially in front of millions of people, he did dish on what it was like to be a father for the first time, and how it changed his perception.

Cooper admitted the influence of his young daughter is an appreciation for the childlike qualities within himself, as well as a lack of fear of being judged by others for those same idiosyncracies. Cooper joked that he can play with toys all the time and he also "loves cartoons."

Lea, who just turned 2 back in March of this year, has been having a great time celebrating with her father. The star said he doesn't really subscribe to the idea of the "terrible twos," because his daughter is a dream to hang out with.

Regarding her future, Bradley worries she has a lot of things to understand about the world, much of which is negative, as well what he called the "burden of life." However, he said the childlike innocence is a "beautiful" thing to see.

Back in September 2018, Cooper spoke with journalists from NPR about what it's like to raise a baby girl. He said that, for one, he's totally opened up to the "world of children's music."

And in the following month, the 33-year-old, Irina Shayk, said to Us Weekly it was a challenge to balance her professional and personal life, but she's taking it one day at a time. Irina said, "just be yourself," and "be confident."

Fans of the couple know they were first seen together in 2015, but at the time, it was rumored to be a less-than-serious relationship. Now, they have a daughter and the potential of marriage might be on the horizon.

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