Bradley Cooper Answers Telephones At ICAP Charity Day

Bradley Cooper Answers Telephones At ICAP Charity Day
Credit: Source: ICAP Charity Day/Instagram

Bradley Cooper answered phone calls on December 10, 2019, when he participated in ICAP Charity Day, where he helped raise funds for his charity One Family Foundation. Bradley Cooper doesn't have a strong social media presence, and neither does his foundation. Also known as the Bradley Charles Cooper Foundation, it is under the covering of the Social Impact Fund along with charities such as The Show Me Campaign and the Shawn Mendes Foundation. A description of the One Family Foundation found on the Social Impact Foundation reads as follows.

"The Bradley Charles Cooper Foundation is working to ease the burden on patients and loved ones impacted by cancer, so they can focus on getting the treatment they need and deserve."

The charity is close to his heart as the seven-time Oscar-nominated actor and director painfully lost his father to cancer. Bradley's father Charles took his last breath and then passed away while being cradled in his son's arms.

Bradley Cooper has stated he has never seen the world the same way since.

ICAP Charity Day was held across New York state and raised more than $6 million combined for all charities donated to. This was the 27th annual ICAP Charity Day that has been regarded as one of the most powerful examples of charitable giving.

One day a year, all ICAP commissions are given to various charities and celebrities come in to various offices, man phones and speak to people.

You may see a photo of Bradley Cooper that ICAP shared on their official Instagram account with their included caption below.

"From behind the TV screen to walking to trading floor, Bradley Cooper struts his stuff at this year's ICAP Charity Day! Showing his support and raising money for One Family Foundation! #ICAPCharityDay"

Nicolas Breteau, Group Chief Executive Officer, TP ICAP, stated the following about the charitable event.

“I am delighted that this year’s ICAP Charity Day raised $6 million, bringing the total amount raised to approximately $190 million since the first Charity Day in 1993. The fantastic amount raised by our 27th annual Charity Day will make a significant difference to many great causes and initiatives around the world. I would like to thank our customers, employees, suppliers and our celebrity guests for their dedication and goodwill on behalf of ICAP Charity Day."

What do you think about Bradley Cooper's One Family Foundation and his stepping out to take phone calls on ICAP Charity Day?


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