Bradley Cooper And Lady Gaga Reportedly Have An Unshakable Bond

Bradley Cooper And Lady Gaga Reportedly Have An Unshakable Bond
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According to a report from, Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga really are in a relationship, claims a source. An insider said to the outlet that Mr. Cooper and Gaga have an "overwhelming connection," however, it's unclear if they'll make their romance public.

Unfortunately, however, Bradley and his girlfriend, Irina Shayk, split up, despite having one child together. This past Academy Awards, Lady Gaga, and Cooper caused a massive social media wave when they performed "Shallow" together from the Oscar-nominated film, A Star Is Born.

According to the source, the rumors of their romance didn't help Irina and Bradley's situation, especially considering Brad and Lady Gaga had to continue traveling together for the film's promotion.

After their critically acclaimed performance, people on social media were wholly convinced something was going on between them, although, Lady Gaga later addressed this controversy and said the show was meant to seem like there was a romance between them.

It was last week when multiple outlets confirmed Cooper and the Victoria's Secret model had split up.

Previously, sources said to Page Six and People Magazine that Irina and Bradley's romance wasn't doing well. Insiders claimed their relationship was hanging on by a thread. Furthermore, there have been some key lifestyle differences between the two that created tension.

Reportedly, Bradley likes to take time away from the media spotlight, whereas Irina has to be in the public for her career. In April, People claimed that Cooper's primary goal at the moment was raising his daughter with Irina, Lea De Reine.

This wouldn't be the first time a relationship has allegedly disintegrated due to lifestyle differences. Danny Amendola and Olivia Culpo reportedly split up for similar reasons, with Danny wanting to stay out of the media as much as possible, whereas, in Danny's words, Olivia needs attention from the entertainment industry and Hollywood for her career and to make money.

Before the Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper rumors began, the former was linked to Christian Marino. The singer allegedly demanded Marino not to contact her again.

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