Bradley Cooper And Irina Shayk Both Are Ready To Start Seeing Other People Following Their Split

Bradley Cooper And Irina Shayk Both Are Ready To Start Seeing Other People Following Their Split
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According to a report from UsMagazine, Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk, respectively, are looking to meet new people following their split after a four-year romance. An insider who spoke with the outlet claimed they both "want to date," and aren't shy about it.

As it was previously reported, the 44-year-old director and 33-year-old model broke up because things between them were beginning to get tense. The insider said to the outlet that they're both trying to keep things amicable for their daughter's sake, but it has been a rocky road.

At the moment, Shayk is living at Cooper's home in Los Angeles with their two-year-old daughter, Lea De Seine. "They both want to keep it civil for the sake of Lea," the insider remarked. Reportedly, Brad and Irina hired attorneys and they're getting ready to hammer out a deal regarding their two-year-old.

Thankfully, the source said they have full intentions to share 50/50 custody of the little girl. Moreover, they have a nanny as well, considering both parties have tremendously busy careers. They're coordinating to make sure that at least one of them is with the child at all times.

Furthermore, Bradley and Irina intend to be present for their daughter at the most important moments of her life. "This was coming for a while," the insider added, stating Bradley is quite sad with the breakup, but there was trouble in paradise for a long time.

On the 15th of June, the Russian supermodel walked the catwalk for Versace during Milan's internationally recognized Fashion Week. On Bradley's end, reports have it that the star is gearing up to replace Leonardo DiCaprio's previously negotiated role in Guillermo Del Toro's Nightmare Alley.

As for the reason for their relationship's demise, gossip tabloids, for the most part, lay the blame on the rumors surrounding Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper's supposed behind-the-scenes romance.

After they performed at the Academy Awards this year, people on social media were wholly convinced that The Hangover star and Gaga were hooking up. In fact, the speculation was so wild that Gaga had to come right out and address it, stating she and Bradley worked hard to make the romance seem as real as possible.

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