Bradley Cooper And Irina Shayk Are Making Co-Parenting Work An Insider Says

Bradley Cooper And Irina Shayk Are Making Co-Parenting Work An Insider Says
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According to a report from Vanity Fair, it's been approximately four weeks since Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk first broke up after having a child together, Lea De Seine, whom they welcomed into the world around two years ago.

Reported first by TMZ on Thursday, Bradley and Shayk have chosen to share custody of their two-year-old daughter evenly. How they'll go about scheduling their parenting time depends on their respective routines, which, as fans of theirs know, is quite hectic.

The entertainment news publication stated that despite their busy lives, they're more than committed to the well-being of their child. The source who spoke with TMZ claimed they haven't bothered to draw up a formal agreement in terms of how to raise the child because they're "so in sync."

As it was previously reported, Bradley and Irina broke up after months of speculation and rumor that he and Lady Gaga had cheated during filming and promotional touring for the movie, A Star Is Born , which was critically acclaimed.

For months, it was being reported by several outlets that he and Lady Gaga had hooked up behind the scenes, and social media became wholly convinced of the infidelity due to their dramatic performance at the Academy Awards this past year.

After they put on the show together, people on social media began several memes and insider jokes, including one which stated, "I wish someone would look at me the way Bradley looks at Lady Gaga." Of course, this supposedly didn't fare well with Irina, whom Bradley was dating at the time.

As it was noted above, Irina and Cooper welcomed their first and only daughter, Lea De Seine, around two years ago. Sources have stated they have fundamentally different ideas for not only how the child should be raised, but also regarding how they should spend their free time together.

Another couple to break up for similar purported reasons is Olivia Culpo and Danny Amendola. Following their split earlier this year, Danny took to his Instagram in a now-deleted post to express his frustration with Olivia's lifestyle, including her need for attention from Hollywood, social media, and the entertainment industry.

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