Brad Pitt's Younger Brother Doug Pitt Recreates Famous Box Scene From Se7en

Brad Pitt's Younger Brother Doug Pitt Recreates Famous Box Scene From Se7en
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Did you know Brad Pitt has a younger brother? His name is Doug Pitt and he's 52-years-old, and a well-known businessman and philanthropist. Winning numerous awards and recognition for his charitable work and causes, Doug is making headlines for recreating one of his brother's biggest movie scenes. Doug isn't an actor like his older brother, but judging from the commercial he made in support of his Care To Learn charity, the acting talent isn't limited solely to the Oscar-winning Brad.

Doug Pitt made the commercial for his charity beer Doin' Good. Doug announced on the official Care to Learn website they had partnered with Mother's Brewing and a portion of each beer sold would go to the Care to Learn Foundation.

"A portion of each Doin' Good sold will be donated to Care to Learn to support our mission of providing immediate funding to meet emergent needs in the areas of health, hunger, and hygiene so every student can be successful in school."

You may see the commercial for Doin' Good beer where Doug Pitt recreates Brad's infamous "What's in the box" scene in the video player below.

The ad has gone viral and people are praising Doug Pitt, not only for his recreation of the classic scene but for his charitable nature as well.

The movie Se7en is a crime drama released in 1995. It starred Brad Pitt as David Mills, Gwyneth Paltrow as his girlfriend Tracy and Morgan Freeman as Somerset. Kevin Spacey played serial killer John Doe. The movie ends with a climactic scene where before John Doe's capture, he abducts and murders Brad Pitt's girlfriend, beheads her and places her head in a box.

In the movie, Morgan Freeman finds the box first and discovers its gruesome contents. Brad Pitt approaches him in hysterics, demanding to know what is in the box. When he discovers the truth he is faced with the decision whether or not to shoot and kill John Doe or let him live and face a court of law.

The commercial plays off the scene only instead of there being a head in the box, it's a case of Doin' Good beer, stolen from Doug Pitt's refrigerator.

What do you think of Doug Pitt's spin on Brad Pitt's famous scene from Se7en ?

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