Brad Pitt's Mom Jane Is Siding With Angelina Jolie In Divorce Drama

Brad Pitt's Mom Jane Is Siding With Angelina Jolie In Divorce Drama
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Angelina Jolie has a better relationship with Brad Pitt's mom, Jane, that he does.

Along with being a great actress and talented filmmaker, Jolie is apparently a mastermind on how to win a PR war.

Since filing for divorce from Mr. Pitt in late 2016, Jolie has found clever ways to make her estranged husband look like the villain.

She has apparently taken things a step further by reaching out to many of the actor's relatives including his mother, Jane Pitt, to win the perception and custody battle.

A source spoke to Radar Online and claimed that Jolie is telling Jane that she wants her to spend more time with her grandchildren -- Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Knox, and Vivienne. However, that is only half of the story.

Jolie, who always had a good relationship with Jane, is making sure that all the cards are stacked in her favor during the custody fight for her brood.

An insider has revealed: “Angie has ironically been in touch with them more than he has! She insists it is for the kids’ sake and that she has no beef with her in-laws, but anyone can tell this is about image and control as much as anything.”

Brad's family is not too concerned about being seen with Jolie because he makes no effort for them.

The tipster claimed: “Angie’s relationship with Jane [Pitt] was going great guns before the separation; she was also quite close to his sister Lisa and brother Doug. When the split was announced they expected to spend more time with him, but he is not bothered, except to loan his nieces and nephews his Santa Barbara beach home at weekends and public holidays.”

According to another source, Brad is fed up with Jolie traveling all over the world with the kids; he feels like she is ruining their childhoods.

The person explained: “He is convinced the kids are not being taken care of properly by Angie!”

The source claimed that Brad wants to move on with his life and find love again.

The insider stated: “Brad is finally ready to date again. Hopefully, in the next few months, we will see him with another woman. He is living clean and is excited to start dating again soon. Brad has been talking about dating with friends over the summer after getting teased about Sienna Miller, who he was not dating. But there’s going to be a point where he will be with somebody again, and when it happens, it will be epic.”

The individual added: "For the first time in a long time, Brad has been thinking about falling in love again, which has been super exciting for him to think about.”

Are you surprised that Brad's family is siding with Jolie in this drama?

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