Brad Pitt’s Girlfriend Nicole Poturalski Accused Of Hating His Ex Angelina Jolie - Check Out Her Response!

Brad Pitt’s Girlfriend Nicole Poturalski Accused Of Hating His Ex Angelina Jolie - Check Out Her Response!
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Nicole Poturalski , who is rumored to be dating none other than Brad Pitt , was accused of hating his former wife, Angelina Jolie. However, the look-alike beauty responded to the accusations, making it very clear that she definitely doesn’t!

It all started with Nicole Poturalski, who has been on everyone’s minds lately, due to her romance with Brad Pitt, posting a very important message: ‘Happy people don’t hate.’

Alongside it, there were a couple of pics that showed her rocking an orange ensemble.

Instead of focusing on her fashion and beauty like most other people in the comment section, someone rudely asked in reference to the caption: ‘If so, then why [do] you and Brad hate Angelina? Practice what you preach, girl!’

In response, the German beauty simply replied: ‘Not hating anyone.’

The timing of her message was interesting as it comes after Angelina attempted to delay court proceedings in their custody case, by asking for the judge to be replaced for supposedly failing to ‘disclose the cases that demonstrated the current, ongoing, repeat-customer relationship between the judge and Respondent’s counsel.’

In other legal documents, Brad Pitt’s legal team clapped back, saying that ‘Jolie’s abrupt cry of judicial bias just reeks of bad faith and of desperation, not to mention the careless disregard for the procedural rules intended to root out legitimately conflicted judicial officers.’

As for his new romance, one source previously dished via HollywoodLife that ‘Angelina cares who Brad is dating if it'll affect their kids but other than that she's no interest in knowing about his love life. She's long past having any sort of romantic feelings for Brad so on that level, it is a non-issue.’


Brad and Nicole were first linked together romantically after they were seen kissing while waiting to board a private jet that was going to take them to his chateaux in the South of France.


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