Brad Pitt's Estranged Wife Angelina Jolie Still Feels 'Possessive' Amid Divorce

Brad Pitt's Estranged Wife Angelina Jolie Still Feels 'Possessive' Amid Divorce
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Brad Pitt is sober and searching for love after his split from Angelina Jolie. According to new reports, Mr. Pitt is finally over Jolie.

For a brief moment, he thought they would reconcile and stay together because he loved her and wanted their family to remain united.

Pitt has understood that he was doing wishful thinking while Jolie and her team worked diligently to destroy his reputation in the media.

The actor, who was in a rehab for his addiction, is now happy and has learned to let go of Jolie.

A family friend said Pitt is still one of America's most eligible bachelor and he is ready to find love again. The pal shared: “Brad is finally ready to date again.”

The person went on to explain that no one should be surprised to see the father of six on the red carpet with a new leading lady by the end of the year.

The chatty insider claimed: “Hopefully in the next few months, we will see him with another woman. He is living clean and is excited to start dating again soon. Brad has been talking about dating with friends over the summer after getting teased about Sienna Miller, who he was not dating. But there’s going to be a point where he will be with somebody again, and when it happens, it will be epic.”

The source explained that Pitt is all about the future and added: “For the first time in a long time, Brad has been thinking about falling in love again, which has been super exciting for him to think about. It is like part of him that has been asleep has woken up. He is incredibly excited by the thought of falling in love again and being in a healthy relationship.”

Meanwhile, it is being reported that Jolie will most likely go into a jealous rage when her ex-husband debuts his new woman.

The person shared: “Even though it was Angelina‘s decision to split with Brad, she still feels possessive when it comes to him, and Angelina has a jealous streak in her, so if Brad has moved on to another woman, it is going to sting. Brad and Angelina‘s interactions are still all about the children."

Despite all of this drama, the divorce is still not official.

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