Brad Pitt - Would He Reunite Or Work With Jennifer Aniston?

Brad Pitt - Would He Reunite Or Work With Jennifer Aniston?
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The exes are both single and also very busy! That being said, one insider reports claims Brad Pitt still finds time to think about Jennifer Aniston from time to time.

So would he be willing to try and rekindle their old romance or not?

A source tells HollywoodLife that ‘Brad heard Jen is single again and he is aware that she's available. But even though he sometimes thinks about her and even misses all the good times they shared, he'd not ask her out on a date today. He isn't interested in trying to rekindle anything that they once had. He can totally relate to not having enough time to date, he too has a packed personal life and busy schedule, and no time for romance.’

They added: 'Brad is focused on his kids, career and everything in his life, any romance with Jen is in the past and it will stay there. Brad wants to be friends with Jen. And he is. They definitely won't become a couple again. That's something that would be a very tough thing to navigate. Brad would not want things to end up bad again.’

The insider made it very clear that the actor is very happy with the kind of relationship they have at the moment.

That being said, chances that they would end up working together are definitely much bigger than getting back together, at this point.

In other words, longtime shippers of the former pair should give up hope because, as far as the source is concerned, Brad and Jennifer are a thing of the past.

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