Brad Pitt Was Right Not To Mention His Kids During His Golden Globes Acceptance Speech, Here's Why

Brad Pitt Was Right Not To Mention His Kids During His Golden Globes Acceptance Speech, Here's Why
Credit: Source: Brad Pitt/Once Upon a Time in Hollywood/Columbia Pictures

Brad Pitt just won the best supporting actor Golden Globe on Sunday, January 5, 2020, and he's already getting slammed in the media. Brad gave an acceptance speech where he talked about the tabloids linking him to any woman he stands next to and made the joke that's why he didn't bring his mother to the show. While many people laughed, there are some who took a more serious look at his speech and are now asking why Brad didn't mention his six children or give them a special thanks. His contentious split with Angelina (two years in and they still haven't finalized their divorce) makes it abundantly clear that Angelina would be left out of the speech, but the kids?

Now some are leaving comments across social media suggesting that Brad doesn't truly love his children or somehow forgot about them during his Golden Globes acceptance speech.

Brad Pitt was right not to mention his children during his Golden Globes win, here's why.

Things have become difficult between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and both have publicly said so. It's also known that the children are at the heart of their divorce and the ex-lovebirds have been struggling to create a co-parenting and custody plan.

If Brad Pitt were to bring up his children's names and address them publicly during the award show, it could backfire and be used against him in court.

It could even be argued that he is trying to "manipulate" the children by bringing them into the public spotlight. And issues such as exposing them to increasing tabloid press could even be used to say that Brad doesn't have his children's best interest at heart.

Think about it!

In one sentence, Brad is slamming tabloids for creating untrue narratives about his love life. Why would he then bring up his children and virtually hand them over for more tabloid fare?

You may see a report that shows how social media is discussing Brad Pitt not mentioning his children during his Golden Globe win below.

What do you think? Do you agree that it was a wise move for Brad to leave the children out of it and not give the media room to discuss his children by using his own words?

Tabloids will always report on celebrity children, but in this case — when there is a contentious divorce underway and the children's custody, visitation, and well-being are an issue — Brad Pitt did the right thing by leaving them out of it. Do you agree?


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