Brad Pitt Wants To Be The ‘Best Dad Possible’ Source Says - Putting His Kids First!

Brad Pitt Wants To Be The ‘Best Dad Possible’ Source Says - Putting His Kids First!
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Brad Pitt has been doing great as far as his career in Hollywood is concerned but there is one job that he puts even more effort into – parenthood! According to insider reports, the actor is working hard on being the best father he can be and always prioritizes his young ones.

One source tells PEOPLE magazine that Brad has ‘worked very hard on himself to become a better, healthier man and to be the best father possible. Those were always his priorities. That his career's going well is a happy bonus that he's thrilled about.’

As fans know without a doubt, Brad shares no less than six children with his ex, Angelina Jolie.

The two share their custody so when Brad gets to spend time with them, he focuses on them a hundred percent.

Also, he tries to have the quality time happen as often as it can even though he is so busy.

‘Despite having help, Brad is a hands-on dad. He comes from a close family, and he's continued to be a parent who's interested in the lives of his children. Brad isn't perfect. But he is certainly a good person who deserves happiness.’

Since the star has such a great sibling relationship with his sister and brother, and always has, it makes sense that he wants that for his kids as well.

That being said, it sounds like Angelina is on the same page about that.

A source previously told HollywoodLife that the Jolie-Pitt kids are actually really close and their parents’ divorce contributed to their bond getting so strong.

‘They’re all very caring and protective of each other. They have always been a tight unit, but their parents’ divorce made the bond between them even stronger. They still bicker sometimes, like all siblings do, but overall they get along really well.’

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