Brad Pitt, Star Of 'Bullet Train', Seen In Paris Getting Colorful And Fans Love It

Brad Pitt, Star Of 'Bullet Train', Seen In Paris Getting Colorful And Fans Love It
Credit: Amy Sussman

Brad Pitt is one of the few stars that everyone has always loved. The man is exceptionally talented and deserves awards for his performances in multiple shows and movies. He's definitely at the top of his game and has made millions of fans through his talents.

Brad Pitt has also starred in the upcoming movie " Bullet Train " which is due to hit theaters on 5th August. While most stars love to do promotions and support their work, Brad Pitt is just out here living his best life.

Seen in a Creamsicle orange suit, he seemed to be thoroughly enjoying the photo call with his co-stars in "Bullet Train". While the rest of the cast members arrived at the allotted time, Brad was actually in Paris days before the shoot.

He seemed to have enjoyed the makings of the movie. While a lot of his movies have a very serious undertone in them often, this one is promoted as humorous and lighthearted by Brad. The movie itself is about an unlucky assassin who is riding the world's fastest train. The whole concept of the movie is to tell a funny story and since Brad has worked many times on serious films, he seems to be looking forward to this one coming out more.

Brad said in a statement that he had read the script for the movie six months into lockdown and had considered it to be hilarious. This was during the lockdown of Covid 19 so he knew that many people needed a little break from the stresses they were facing.

The cast had to reunite for the publicity photos and Brad appreciated all of them being there. It was then that he mentioned the movie had been made during quarantine.


Fans of Brad are incredibly excited to see what he is so excited to show them. As many fans of Brad wait for the movie, many others have chosen to feel excitement over what lies ahead in the movie as well. Fans know that Brad will never disappoint them with his work and thus they are appreciative of the art he creates.

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