Brad Pitt Seen Smiling at a Public Event, First Time in Months

Brad Pitt Seen Smiling at a Public Event, First Time in Months

If we say that the last part of 2016 has not been the best time in Brad Pitt’s life, it comes as no surprise. It has been quite challenging and stressful and it was all because of the divorce that now former wife Angelina Jolie filed.

However, it looks like the actor has decided to begin anew in 2017 and braved himself through the scandals and gossip to go out for two public events in the beginning of this year.

On January 8 when the actor made an appearance at the 74th Golden Globes Awards he received cheers of support from his fans. Amid his divorce war and custody battle against Angelina the support was for sure well appreciated. Many fans have also noticed that the actor lost a lot of weight but now, according to an insider, Pitt is focusing on himself again.

A proof that he is moving on is his latest public appearance at the Fourth Annual ROCK4EB charity event at a private Malibu residence. Reportedly, the celebrity was seen smiling and in great spirits during the event.

"He [Pitt] was in a great mood. He hung out with his peeps," said an insider.

The charity event was hosted by Zach Galifianakis for the benefit of the Epidermolysis Bullosa Medical Research Foundation.  The disease “causes blister formation after minor trauma to the skin, including scarring and disfiguring of the skin and internal organs.”

Pitt was present there as part of the board of directors among many other A-listers.

Until now, Brad Pitt has preferred to stay away from the public eye due to his problematic divorce from Angelina Jolie.

After months of harsh court battles, the former couple finally reached an agreement regarding their divorce. They decided to deal with the ugly split away from the prying eyes of the public, for the sake of their children.


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