Brad Pitt Reportedly Reacts To Maddox's Viral Video From South Korea In Surprising Way

Brad Pitt Reportedly Reacts To Maddox's Viral Video From South Korea In Surprising Way
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Angelina Jolie recently had to say goodbye to her oldest son, Maddox, as he went off to South Korea to attend university.

And while Jolie has been feeling entirely down about the situation, it is all for the best -- Maddox, himself, appears to be doing fine so far, and he has been exploring his college life with great interest.

However, it looks like things are not all too smooth on the personal front in the family, as Maddox has recently taken the opportunity to talk about his relationship with his father, Brad Pitt, or lack thereof.

In a recent interview, Maddox was asked if he expects to get visits from his dad in college, but he gave the surprising response that he is not sure.

The interviewer seemed to find that response odd and pressed on about the situation even further.

Eventually, the teenager admitted that he is willing to see how things will go with his relationship with Pitt, and was open to any kinds of developments.

A source spoke to Hollywood Life and said this is how the actor reacted to the interview: “Brad is proud of Maddox. He really expects the absolute best from his schooling and hopes he can experience all that it has to offer him. He really hopes that people don’t bother his son over what is going on with his parents and that Maddox can just have the most normal experience possible and the most fun he can have while in school.”

The person added: "Brad wants that for all his kids as they get older. Obviously, it won’t be fully normal, but as much as possible is what Brad is hoping for and expects in the situation. If something comes about that Brad would have the chance to visit Maddox he would, but likely won’t just because he doesn’t want to put that attention on him. Imagine Brad Pitt going to the school and how much distraction that would bring, Brad, wants to support his son just like all his kids and hopes for the best and will be there for them whenever they need it.”

Meanwhile, at least, the relationship between Jolie and Pitt has been on a positive note, as the two have recently been able to communicate better, and rumors claimed they have been able to integrate their parenting styles as their divorce marches on.

They have managed to raise great children. Fans are hoping that Pitt and Maddox will make peace at some point.

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