Brad Pitt Reportedly Mailed Jennifer Aniston Sweet Birthday Gift Before Her Party

Brad Pitt Reportedly Mailed Jennifer Aniston Sweet Birthday Gift Before Her Party
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As fans know, Brad Pitt was in attendance at his former wife, Jennifer Aniston’s birthday bash on January 9! That being said, rumor has it that he did not show up with a present for the fellow actress.

However, according to a new report, that doesn’t mean he did not get her anything since he supposedly mailed the gift to her house before the party!

One insider shared with People that ‘Most birthday party guests sent gifts to Jen’s house. Brad did too. Her friends are all very generous and creative, and she seemed very excited by all the gifts.’

Unfortunately, they were not sure what the present Jen got from her former husband was.

But of course, his attendance may have been a gift in itself since Aniston’s other friends were allegedly excited to have him at the party.

The source noted that whatever happened between Aniston and Pitt in the past that caused their divorce is now in the past and that they now have a ‘civil relationship.’

Meanwhile, another insider argued that Brad ‘is single and has no one to answer to. He and Jen spent many important and happy years together. He obviously decided to join her celebration because he wanted to.’

Furthermore, HollywoodLife also reported previously that Aniston and Pitt have been on good terms during the last few months so while pals of the actress were surprised to see Brad be part of the guest list at the B-Day party, they were not shocked!

‘They are friendly, and they are on fine terms which is why no one was totally shocked, but they knew the press, and everybody would talk about it. They are not necessarily close, but more friendly,’ a source told the news outlet.

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