Brad Pitt Is Reportedly Devastated Maddox Plans To Move Overseas For College

Brad Pitt Is Reportedly Devastated Maddox Plans To Move Overseas For College
Source: Us Weekly

Maddox Jolie-Pitt, the oldest child of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt , will soon be graduating high school and heading to college, and it looks like he doesn’t want to stay in the United States for his higher education. Is the 17-year-old leaving the country to escape his parents’ vicious divorce battle?

Jolie and Pitt are the adoptive parents of Maddox, who was born in Cambodia. He recently visited colleges in Seoul, South Korea, along with his mom, and insiders say that this devastated Pitt.

“Brad’s been trying to rebuild his relationship with Maddox since his breakup with Angie,” revealed an insider. “But Maddox remains a mama’s boy and simply can’t take the fighting anymore!”

The divorce drama started between Jolie and Pitt after a notorious booze-fueled family fight back in September of 2016 that led to Jolie accusing Pitt of child abuse. According to Radar Online, Maddox reportedly jumped in to defend Jolie during an argument that she was having with Pitt, and that led to an alleged fight between father and son.

Pitt denied Jolie’s allegations and two different government agencies cleared him of any wrongdoing after investigations. But, the day after the fight, Jolie filed for divorce, and insiders say that Pitt still has a frayed relationship with the teenager and therapy isn’t helping.

Sources claim that Pitt has “cleaned up his act” and has put in a lot of hard work to improve things with his oldest son, but Jolie has continued to fight her ex and even attempted to move their six kids to Europe, so she could limit Pitt’s contact.

Both Maddox and his younger brother, Pax, have joined their mom in South Korea on a recent humanitarian trip for the United Nations, and an insider says that Pitt thinks it might be too late to make amends with Maddox. The War Machine actor is apparently terrified that his relationship with his son can never be fixed.

Pitt and Jolie are hopefully nearing the end of their tumultuous divorce battle. The former couple is scheduled to be in court next month to determine the custody of their six children. Pitt has been fighting for 50/50 custody, so he can improve his relationships with his children, but Jolie wants sole custody.

Angelina Jolie’s legal team has given Brad Pitt’s lawyers all of her requested financial information, and now the ball is in Pitt’s court.


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  • Angie U.
    Angie U. Nov 18, 2018 5:45 PM PST

    It's so sad how Brad pays "friends" like Wendy Williams to drum up hate against the mother of his children. It's not like he didn't to the same thing to Jennifer Aniston. I guess it's just his pattern of behavior. Unfortunately, he has nothing on Angie, who's a great mom and raising great kids. So he has to plant fake stories about her to deflect from his own drug, drinking and anger issues. Fortunately, Angie is smart enough to know now to react and just ignore him, which is the best way to deal with a narcissist.

  • Nunya
    Nunya Nov 18, 2018 5:59 AM PST

    Lmao on the 2 folks who commented, especially the first one. You really need to get your own life. You sound a tad stalker-ish to me. Get out from under your keyboard and go outside and live your life. Sheesh

  • Kimmerly
    Kimmerly Nov 18, 2018 12:52 AM PST

    Hope everything works out for them both. Family is everything

  • Mil Hall
    Mil Hall Nov 17, 2018 9:51 PM PST

    I thought no one was more Beautiful in this world than Jolie. I was so excited when her and Brad had gotten together. The perfect couple. But after years of collecting her pictures with Maddox then Brad , I really am so in her. Brad was by her side through surgery and this is the father's thanks. He Loves You and all the Children how can you do this to him. You're not Beautiful anymore. Money went to your head. Thank God , Brad is still Brad. He'll make it and I Pray he comes out way on top. He made a mistake, looks to me you had it planned and wanted out to file for divorce the next day. You played with a married man. Revenge is after you. He loves you, wake up Girl. No don't, he's way to good for you. I would of given anything to have a nice wonderful husband, I did for awhile and he was always there when needed, he had issues also but I gave him lots of chances he always went back. You're Mama would be hurt she didn't raise you like that. If I find him he's mine. Kids and all I don't mind. Custody to Brad, visitation to Jolie. You can't buy the court.

  • Paradox
    Paradox Nov 17, 2018 8:43 PM PST

    They are both stupid to get it this far, they should just reconcile at this point, especially for the sake of their kids

  • Bernadette
    Bernadette Nov 17, 2018 5:41 PM PST

    I always liked Angelina, but this is too much. She should have learned from her parents. You DON'T use your kids as weapons in a divorce. It's just plain wrong. A father , Especially a good father should always be in the children's lives. Brad could have been a rotten dad. He cares and it shows. I feel sorrow for him. One day i pray Maddox will remember the good and remember that Brad CHOSE to love him. That's really special. WHEN YOU ARE CHOSEN!

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