Brad Pitt Is Ready For A Big Fight With Angelina Jolie Over Holiday Schedule For Their Children

Brad Pitt Is Ready For A Big Fight With Angelina Jolie Over Holiday Schedule For Their Children
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As the holiday season approaches for Brad Pitt, so does the drama and possible fights with his estranged wife, Angelina Jolie.

Two years after Jolie filed for divorce from Pitt, they are still fighting in court for custody and child support over their six children -- Maddox, 17, Pax, 14, Zahara,13, Shiloh,12, and twins, Knox and Vivienne, 10.

This year, Pitt's name was directly dragged through the mud by Jolie's new legal team who called him a deadbeat dad because he is his not lifting his financial weight when it comes to the children's needs.

According to a source who spoke to Hollywood Life , the actor is dreading the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays because he fears he might not even see his children.

Pitt also thinks that Jolie might force him to be alone on his birthday on December 18.

A family friend claimed: “Brad is bracing for a challenging holiday season. Brad and Angie have been busy negotiating and deciding on what to do with their kids for Thanksgiving, Christmas and the holidays and plans are being set. Life has been tense between Brad and Angie, and things are getting more challenging as the holidays approach. Their custody trial is set to begin right between Thanksgiving and Christmas, so Brad is bracing for an emotional and taxing holiday season.”

It is being reported that ahead of his next face-to-face with Jolie on December 4th, Pitt is heartbroken.

The pal shared: “It is breaking Brad’s heart that Angelina is dragging on this custody battle and that things seem to be far from over. He wants nothing more than for his divorce war with Angelina to come to an amicable end as soon as possible so that the kids and the family can begin healing.”

According to the same source, Pitt is hoping to resolve this private and sensitive matter in an amicable way but does not believe Jolie wants to do the same.

The friend concluded by: “Brad desperately wants fair custody of his kids so that they all can have a healthier relationship. Brad is upset and annoyed that Angelina continues to fight him on this issue. Brad would love nothing more than to come to terms with Angelina out of court, but he feels he has tried and tried and she is constantly being unreasonable. Angelina can’t agree with Brad on almost anything, which really hurts him and he wishes things were different.”

Fans are hopeful that the former couple will be reasonable and find a solution when they meet with a judge next month.

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  • Joel
    Joel Nov 14, 2018 12:00 PM PST

    Sad the humanitarian can't find peace at home but goes out for photo ops to other countries while she rips apart her own family. Those poor kids!!!

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