Brad Pitt Is Determined To Keep His Future Relationship Private - Here's Why!

Brad Pitt Is Determined To Keep His Future Relationship Private - Here's Why!
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Even though he is reportedly not dating at this time, when love will come his way again, Brad Pitt is allegedly not planning on sharing any of that bliss with the public. One source tells HollywoodLife that after how things ended with Angelina Jolie, he would only date in private.

Furthermore, the actor is totally putting his kids first when it comes to bringing someone new in their lives.

It makes sense! The man has learned a lot from his failed relationship and does not want to repeat any of his previous mistakes.

Keeping everything under wraps feels like the way to go.

‘Brad‘s more protective of his privacy than he has ever been and part of the reason's just for him – what he went through after his split was brutal and it's taken him a long time to recover. He is in a great place now but he has realized how much he values privacy, he just does not feel the need to put it all out there,’ the insider dished to the news outlet.

They went on to explain that another big reason is his young ones and that Brad thinks the less his private life, or theirs, is in the media, the better.

They are a hundred percent the most important for him and wants what is best for them.

That being said, he is not too happy about how Angelina is parenting them since it seems like she doesn’t care much about their privacy.

‘Brad is saddened that his ex constantly trots the kids out in public to make it look like she is an amazing mother. Brad remembers Angelina would always try to avoid putting the children in the spotlight while they were still together and when she really valued their privacy as a family.’

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